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Top Eye Emergencies You Should Seek an Eye Doctor For

Eye Emergencies

If anything is wrong with your eyes, however small an issue, you should have it checked. But, not all conditions count as eye emergencies. An eye emergency is any condition that threatens your sight. If not dealt with promptly and correctly, it could cause serious, permanent consequences.

Here are examples of eye emergencies you should watch out for:

Sudden Vision Loss

Sight is arguably your most important of the five senses. As such, when you suddenly lose vision in one or two eyes, there’s a cause for alarm. An individual may lose his or her vision suddenly because of having a stroke inside the eye. Severe migraines sometimes also cause unexpected vision changes. The only way to know the cause of the vision loss is to see an ophthalmologist immediately.

A Traumatic Eye Injury

Accidents, incidences, and conditions may occur, causing trauma to your eyes. It could be that you had a burn, an injury, or something got into your eye. Trauma to the eyes causes eye sensitivity, swelling, double vision, redness, or pain. Without prompt treatment, eye injuries could cause partial or permanent vision loss.

Immediately after the trauma incident, take a cold compress and apply it to the eye, but don’t apply pressure. The cold helps to bring down the pain and swelling. If the pain is too severe or your vision starts to reduce, seek immediate intervention from an eye doctor.

If the accident or incident cut or punctured your eye or eyelid, do not try to wash out your eye. Apply a loose bandage on the eye and get immediate medical care. Avoid putting pressure on your injury.

If there’s an object lodged in the eye, do not touch it or attempt to pull it out. Avoid putting any pressure on it either. Just cover the eye and the object with a rigid shield that prevents any movement, and immediately see an ophthalmologist.

A Black Eye

Black eyes are often the result of getting hit in your eye or on the area surrounding it. The trauma causes bleeding under the skin, which people refer to as a black eye. A typical black eye is black and blue. It turns purple, green, and then yellow before the skin returns to its regular color as it clears.

Most people don’t seek medical care after a black eye. They wait for the color to fade out in a week or two and assume that everything is okay. The blow from the black eye could hurt some part inside your eye. So, it’s wise to see an eye doctor if you get a black eye.

A Change in Your Vision

If there is a sudden change in your vision’s quality, you may have a more significant underlying problem. Often, a change in your vision is a sign of corneal or retinal defect that, if untreated, turns into permanent vision loss. One of these defects is retinal detachment. Nerve damage and strokes also cause vision changes. So, have your condition checked because it could be something serious underlying.

Some Worrying Symptoms

The American Optometric Association warns that some symptoms call for immediate attention. They are severe itching, eye discharge, blood in the iris, double or decreased vision. Also, if one of your eyes is not moving like the other, be concerned.

Any of the above conditions should raise your concern. Get your eyes checked at Maple Eye and Laser Center in White Plains or Manhattan, New York.

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