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At What Age Should You Consider LASIK Surgery?

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2024-06-27
LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) is a popular and effective surgical procedure that has transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide by correcting various vision problems, including nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. If you've been struggling with the inconvenience and limitations of wearing glasses or contact lenses, LASIK surgery may be the solution you've been searching for.

Are Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Better than Synthetic Fillers?

In the realm of cosmetic treatments, fillers have become a popular choice for individuals seeking to enhance their appearance and combat the signs of aging. These injectable substances are designed to restore volume, smooth out wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin's overall appearance. However, with the variety of filler options available, it can be challenging to determine which one is best suited for your specific needs and goals.

The Different Causes of Low Vision and Your Treatment Options

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2024-04-24
Low vision is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It refers to a visual impairment that cannot be fully corrected with glasses, contact lenses, medication, or surgery. Individuals with low vision experience a significant decrease in their visual acuity, making it difficult to perform everyday tasks such as reading, driving, and recognizing faces.

The Truth About Botox: Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2024-03-25
Botox is often misunderstood and surrounded by various myths and misconceptions. Whether you are considering Botox for cosmetic reasons or have heard misconceptions about its use, this article will provide you with the facts you need to make an informed decision.

Understanding PRK Procedure and Recovery Time vs. LASIK

For more information on PRK and LASIK surgery or to determine which is right for you, contact our professionals at Maple Eye and Laser Center at our office in White Plains or Manhattan, New York. Call 914-948-5157 to schedule an appointment today.

Exploring the Differences Between Wet and Dry Macular Degeneration

To learn more on the difference between wet and dry macular degeneration, visit Maple Eye and Laser Center at our offices in White Plains or Manhattan, New York. Call 914-948-5157 to schedule an appointment today.

In the Blink of an Eye: Essential Actions After Eye Trauma

To learn more on essential actions after eye trauma, visit Maple Eye and Laser Center at our offices in White Plains or Manhattan, New York. Call 914-948-5157 to schedule an appointment today.

Nutrition for Healthy Eyes: Foods That Boost Vision

The beauty of the human body is its ability to convert the food we consume into energy and building blocks. What we eat not only fuels our bodies but also feeds each cell, tissue, and organ, including our eyes. This remarkable organ, which allows us to perceive the world around us, can benefit greatly from a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet.

What to Expect From Radiesse Fillers

Author:Maple Eye and Laser Center Date:2023-10-31
If you want to turn back the clock on aging skin, Radiesse may be just what you need. These injectable dermal fillers add youthful fullness to the face for smooth, natural-looking results lasting over a year.

Laser Vision Correction: Types, Treatment Options, and Recovery

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2023-09-15
Corrective eye surgery, also known as laser vision correction, refers to a surgical procedure that helps to improve or correct vision problems. There are various procedures, most involving cornea reshaping, the clear front portion of the eye that affects how the eye focuses light on the retina.

What is Keratoconus?

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2023-08-22
What is keratoconus? In simple terms, keratoconus is a progressive eye disease that impacts the shape of the cornea. The cornea is the clear, front window of the eye, and in those with keratoconus, it thins and gradually bulges outward into a cone shape.

Over-the-counter vs. In-office Dry Eye Treatments

For more about dry eye treatments, call Maple Eye and Laser Center in White Plains or Manhattan, New York at 914-948-5157 to book an appointment.

When Is It Necessary to Get Cataract Surgery?

Author:Maple Eye and Laser Center Date:2023-06-29
Age takes a toll on every part of the body, slows down many processes, and impacts the effectiveness of specific body parts. These changes can affect the eyes, specifically the eye's natural lens.

Differences in Popular Cosmetic Injections

Author:Maple Eye and Laser Center Date:2023-05-25
Are you considering getting a cosmetic injectable but feeling confused by all the choices? You are not alone. Since so many injections are available, selecting the ideal one can be challenging. Comparing and contrasting some of the most common cosmetic injections would be beneficial.

Laser Vision Correction for High Myopia

For more on laser vision correction, call Maple Eye and Laser Center in White Plains or Manhattan, New York at 914-948-5157 to schedule an appointment

Common Eye Injuries and How to Respond

You may think that eye injuries are rare, but consider that over 200,000 workers in the U.S. get eye injuries every day. Many of these are minor, but about one-third require emergency eye care. Most, however, can resume work after treatment, especially if they get the proper care.

Difference Between an Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, and Optician

If you require an eye exam or help with your eyesight, you should find someone qualified to provide eye care. Depending on your needs, you can consult one of three eye health professionals:

Signs of Diabetic Retinopathy

Individuals with diabetes can suffer from an eye condition known as diabetic retinopathy. The disease occurs when uncontrolled sugar levels damage the retina's blood vessels. The blood vessels swell and leak, sometimes close, preventing blood from getting through. In some cases, abnormal blood vessels grow, leading to vision loss. The condition may not exhibit symptoms in the initial stages. Read on to find out the signs of diabetic retinopathy.

Types of Injections Used for Cosmetic Eye Treatments

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2022-12-12
Cosmetic eye treatments can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines between the eyebrows and the sides of your eyes. Modern cosmetic eye procedures offer various treatments for patients who wish to revamp their features or look more refreshed. Some of the popular aesthetic eye treatments are injectable. Most people find injectable treatments easy to manage and very effective when administered by medical specialists.

How Is Dry Eye Diagnosed?

Author:Maple Eye and Laser Center Date:2022-11-30
Dry eye occurs when the eyes produce inadequate tears to remain moist. It also occurs due to poor-quality tears. As a result, your eyes can feel scratchy, dry, and uncomfortable. You may have to visit your doctor at Maple Eye and Laser Center to ensure you get effective treatment to relieve your symptoms and avoid vision problems. Read on to learn how dry eye gets diagnosed.

What to Know About Blade-free iLASIK

Author:Maple Eye and Laser Center Date:2022-10-21
Most people with refractive errors can achieve clear vision through corrective eyewear. However, many would prefer a permanent and more convenient solution. LASIK surgery uses the latest techniques to significantly reduce or eliminate a patient’s need for corrective eyewear. 

What Are Eye Flashes/Floaters, and Are They Cause for Concern?

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2022-09-06
Eye flashes and floaters occur when the eye's gel-like fluid (vitreous) shrinks naturally with age. Flashes appear in the field of vision like a camera flash or lightning, while floaters appear like small shapes.

What Is an Ophthalmologist?

Author:Maple Eye and Laser Center Date:2022-08-24
Telling the difference between the type of eye doctors available can be confusing. This article will help you tell the difference and know which specific one you need.

What Is Surfer's Eye? Pterygium Causes and Symptoms

For more info on pterygium causes and symptoms, contact Maple Eye and Laser Center in White Plains or Manhattan, New York at 914-948-5157 today.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Vision Correction?

Author:Maple Eye and Laser Center Date:2022-06-07
Laser vision correction has been on the scene for quite some time. The FDA approved LASIK eye surgery in 1999, while PRK hit the market in 1987. There are other laser eye surgery options for different conditions, but these two are the most popular. Of the two, LASIK is newer and more popular because of its quick recovery.

Am I at Risk for Developing Glaucoma?

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2022-05-16
For more on glaucoma, call Maple Eye and Laser Center at 914-948-5157 to reach our office in White Plains, New York.

What Are Cataracts: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions


What Causes Myopia?

To learn more about myopia, contact Maple Eye and Laser Center in White Plains or Manhattan, New York at 914-948-5157 to schedule an appointment today

February Is Age-related Macular Degeneration Awareness Month

For more on AMD and low vision, call Maple Eye and Laser Center in White Plains or Manhattan, New York at 914-948-5157 to schedule an appointment.

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month: Here is What You Need to Know

If you are concerned that you may be affected by glaucoma, visit Maple Eye And Laser Center in White Plains, New York. Call 914-948-5157 today.

Can Cataracts Cause Permanent Blindness?


Treating Dry Eye Syndrome


Diagnosing and Treating Presbyopia

To learn more about presbyopia, visit Maple Eye and Laser Center in White Plains or Manhattan, New York. Call 914-948-5157 to schedule an appointment.

Presbyopia: Symptoms and Treatment


What Are the Stages of Glaucoma?

For more on the stages of glaucoma, visit Maple Eye and Laser Center in White Plains or Manhattan, NY. Call 914-948-5157 today to book an appointment.

Who is Suitable for LASIK Eye Surgery?

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2021-07-20
For more information on LASIK or to schedule an appointment, please contact our team at Maple Eye and Laser Center by calling 914-948-5157 today.

5 Reasons an Increasing Number of Young People Are Getting LASIK


Comprehensive Eye Exams: Top Reasons They Are Important

Categories:Eye ExamsAuthor:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2021-05-27
For more information about comprehensive eye exams, contact Maple Eye and Laser Center in White Plains or New York, New York at (914) 948-5157 today.

Top Spring Allergy Tips for Healthy Eyes

The National Institutes of Health recognizes that eye allergies arise when springtime comes. Pollen and other allergens drift around during this season. If you are hypersensitive to pollen, dust, dander, and other spring particles, inhaling them will cause an allergic reaction, triggering symptoms in your eyes.

Top Eye Emergencies You Should Seek an Eye Doctor For

Learn more about when to seek treatment for an eye emergency, contact Maple Eye and Laser Center in White Plains or Manhattan, NY at (914) 948-5157.

5 Ways to Prevent Macular Degeneration and Blurred Vision

Learn more about how to prevent & protect against macular degeneration, contact Maple Eye and Laser Center in White Plains, NY at (914) 948-5157.

Why Is Glaucoma Awareness Important?

Find out more about Glaucoma and how to prevent it, contact Maple Eye and Laser Center in White Plains or Manhattan, New York at (914) 948-5157.

Winter Weather: How to Protect Your Eyes

Categories:Dry EyeAuthor:Date:2020-12-31
Cold air, intense winter sunlight, and prolonged hours of staying indoors can harm your eyes. The National Institutes of Health is aware of how challenging the colder months are for people with dry eye syndrome or sensitivities.

Diabetic Eye Disease Month: Why Are Diabetic Eye Exams Important?

Diabetes is a metabolic condition that causes abnormal levels of blood sugar. It is becoming common in people across the world because of changes in diet and cultural lifestyles across the globe.

Are You Experiencing These Common Fall Eye Problems?

Spring and summer have passed, but people still experience eye problems. According to the National Institutes of Health, the drastic change in climate is usually a trigger for many eye issues. Particulates, hours of daylight, and drops in temperature during the fall season all contribute to eye discomfort for most people.

Top Foods to Eat for Your Eye Health

Our vision is one of our most important senses and because of this, we need our eyes to be as healthy as possible. However, our actions play a significant role in making this possible.

How to Find the Right Contact Lenses for Me

Considering you only have two eyes, you want to do everything possible to protect them. That includes visiting a reputable eye care professional. Some people have their eyes checked for conditions like dry eyes, cataracts, and glaucoma, or they go through laser surgery to improve their vision.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy: Top Tips

About 12 million Americans aged 40 years and over have a vision impairment. This estimate includes one million who have vision loss. You cannot prevent all eye diseases, but you definitely can take some steps to keep your eyesight healthy. Here are the top tips on how you can reduce your risk of vision loss in the future.

Can Allergies Cause Dry Eyes?

Itchy, red eyes are the telltale signs of both allergies and dry eye syndrome. For many years, experts thought of these health conditions as separate.

Treatment for Pterygium (Surfer’s Eye)

A pterygium is a name given to a non-cancerous growth that occurs on the conjunctive or the mucous membrane that covers the white part of your eye over the cornea.

When to Seek Medical Help for an Eye Problem

There are many serious eye problems that require medical attention for relief. Call our eye care center in White Plains, Manhattan NY to learn more.

FAQs on Eye Emergencies

Eye emergencies can occur at any time of the day or night. Knowing how to react and if you should administer any immediate first aid can be crucial to the outcome of your emergency. Making the wrong decisions can lead to further problems developing and temporary or even permanent damage to your vision.

The Importance of Proper Contact Lens Measurements and Fitting

For more information about The Importance of Proper Contact Lens Measurements and Fitting contact Maple Eye and Laser Center in Westchester and Manhattan at 914-948-5157 to book an appointment

What Is Fuchs’ Corneal Dystrophy?

For more details on Fuchs’ Corneal Dystrophy call Maple Eye & Laser Center in White Plains, NY & Manhattan, NY at 914-948-5157 to book an appointment

What is Low Vision?

If you suspect you may have low vision, we recommend that you make an appointment with our eye care team as soon as possible. Call us today at (914) 948-5157.

Dry Eye FAQs

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about dry eyes. Book your consultation at Maple Eye and Laser Center White Plains, NY (914) 948-5157.

How is Glaucoma treated?

Think that you may be suffering from glaucoma? Call to make an appointment with our experienced optical care team in White Plains, NY at 914-948-5157.

What is Macular Degeneration?

Macular Degeneration is the degeneration of the macular. Book a consultation at Maple Eye and Laser Center in White Plains, NY today (914) 948-5157.

What is Some Practical Eye Care Advice?

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2018-12-07
Maple Eye and Laser Center shares some practical eye care advice that will help keep your eyes healthy. Call 914-948-5157 to know more.

What are the Benefits of Laser Vision Correction?

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2018-11-26
Maple Eye and Laser Center shares a wide range of benefits which Laser Vision Correction can offer. Call 914-948-5157 to know more.

How to Treat Nearsightedness

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2018-10-05
The good news is that it is entirely possible to treat nearsightedness and there are several options available to you. Call Maple Eye and Laser Center at 914-948-5157 to know more.

Things to Know Before, During & After a Lasik Procedure

Categories:LasikAuthor:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2018-09-25
Maple Eye and Laser Center shares what you need to know before, during and after a LASIK procedure. Call our White Plains, NY office at 914-948-5157 to know more.

Care Instructions for after your LASIK Procedure

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2018-08-24
Maple Eye and Laser Center shares everything that you need to know about caring for your eyes after LASIK laser eye surgery. Call 914-948-5157 today!

Why do Eyeglass Lenses Turn Yellow?

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2018-07-25
Know the various factors at why your eyeglass lenses might be turning yellow. Contact Maple Eye and Laser Center at 914-948-5157 to know more.

What Would it Take to Reverse Presbyopia?

Categories:PresbyopiaAuthor:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2018-06-25
Do you feel like you are straining to see things clearly? If you can answer yes to these questions, you may be suffering from an ocular condition known as presbyopia.

Keratoconus Treatment

Author:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2017-12-25
Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of Keratoconus at Maple Eye and Laser Center. Call us at 914-948-5157 for details.

Laser Correction Surgery

Author:Dr. Howard KornsteinDate:2017-11-27
Learn about Laser Correction Surgery and how it can benefit your vision by Maple Eye and Laser Center.


Author:Dr. Howard KornsteinDate:2017-10-25
Learn more about Botox and how can it benefit you by Maple Eye and Laser Center. Contact us today for more information you deserve to know.

Laser Cataract Surgery

Author:Dr. Howard KornsteinDate:2017-09-25
Read more about the Laser Cataract Surgery and its benefits by one of the best eye care providers in New York. Contact 914-948-5157 for details.

Laser Vision Correction Techniques

Author:Dr. Howard S. KornsteinDate:2017-08-24
Learn more techniques about Laser Vision Correction for your eyes. Call our office today for consultation!

Dry Eyes

Categories:Dry EyeAuthor:Dr. Howard KornsteinDate:2017-07-25
If you have persistently felt that your eyes are sore, gritty, sandy or extremely tired, then you may be suffering from dry eyes.

Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Categories:Eye ExamsAuthor:Date:2017-06-23
Comprehensive ophthalmology services include routine eye checks, screening, evaluating any damage to the eyes, diagnosis of eye-related conditions.

Implantable Contact Lenses

Author:Dr. Howard KornsteinDate:2017-05-25
If you dislike wearing glasses and you are not a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery, then implantable contact lenses (ICL’s) may offer the permanent vision correction that you require.

Cataract Evaluation and Surgeries

Categories:CataractsAuthor:Dr. Howard KornsteinDate:2017-04-24
Dr. Kornstein will evaluate the health of your eyes as well as your eyesight when you go for your routine eye examination.

How Do I Know If My Child Has Vision Problems?

Categories:Eye ExamsAuthor:Howard S. KornsteinDate:2017-03-27
Children should ideally have their first eye examination around 6 months of age. While they won’t be able to tell you if they are having problems with their sight, Dr. Kornstein should be able to detect any difficulties. Learn more here!

Refractive Surgery

Categories:Refractive SurgeryAuthor:Howard S. KornsteinDate:2017-02-27
Refractive surgery is the term given to describe surgical procedures that seek to correct or significantly improve refractive errors in your eyesight. Learn more here!

Eye Allergies

If you are suffering from eye allergies or are experiencing any of these symptoms, this article could help you!

Dealing with Nystagmus

Categories:Eye CareAuthor:Date:2016-12-12
Nystagmus, also known as dancing eye syndrome, is a complicated and potentially debilitating eye disorder. Learn how to recognize & treat Nystagmus.

Is Your Cat Giving You Glaucoma?

Did you know that your cat could be giving you glaucoma? The best way to treat glaucoma is by diagnosing it early. Learn more from Maple Eye and Laser Center.

Eye Trauma

Eye trauma should always be full assessed as any penetrating injury can put the patient at risk of losing their sight, either through the trauma itself or a subsequent infection.


Myopia, also known as short-sightedness, is an extremely common refractive eye disorder that causes distant object to appear blurry and out of focus, while close-up items can be seen clearly.

What to Expect During a Routine Eye Exam

Categories:Eye ExamsAuthor:Maple Eye and Laser CenterDate:2016-08-25
Here is what you can expect to happen during a routine eye exam at Maple Eye and Laser Center. Call us today at 914-948-5157 to set up an appointment!

Step by Step Lasik Surgery

See what steps are taken to give you the perfect vision you have always wanted. If you have any questions, give our office a call today at 914-915-8300.

Beware of Glare: LASIK Side Effects and How to Deal with Them

Categories:Glare, Side Effects, LasikAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2016-07-01
While very effective and quite safe, LASIK does have its share of side effects, one of which is glare. Let's take a moment to consider why glare occurs and what can be done about it.

Good Vision, Golden Age: Eye Care for Seniors

Categories:Cataracts, Presbyopia, Macular Degeneration, GlaucomaAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2016-05-31
As we get older, our vision quality can change a great deal. Dr. Howard Kornstein understands this, which is why he takes great care when addressing the eye care needs of the elderly population in White Plains.

Dry Eye After LASIK: Knowing What to Expect

Categories:Lasik, Dry EyeAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2016-04-30
During the creation of the corneal flap, nerves in the cornea are affected. This disrupts the usual activity of the eye, which can consequently mean reduced tear production.

Higher vs. Lower Order Aberrations: Can You See the Difference?

Categories:Lasik, Refractive SurgeryAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2016-03-30
Part of the reason we offer custom LASIK has to do with the treatment of lower order aberrations and higher order aberrations.

Knowing Your Treatment Options for Presbyopia

We offer advanced eye care services that improve vision and health, always with a focus on a patient's long-term wellness. Call 914-948-5157 for a consultation.

Can Someone with Eye Allergies Undergo LASIK?

Categories:Lasik, Eye CareAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2016-01-29
Many patients who turn to us for LASIK surgery have eye allergies and are concerned that these allergies might preclude them from being suitable candidates for the procedure.

White Plains Ophthalmologist Brings Revolutionary Dry Eye Treatment to Westchester County

Categories:Dry Eye, LipiflowAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2016-01-22
LipiFlow® is the only FDA-cleared device available to unblock glands and restore gland function. In doing so, LipiFlow® can prevent progressive deterioration and loss of the important oil-producing meibomian glands.

LASIK and Flap Complications: Understanding the Risk

Categories:Lasik, Flap ComplicationsAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2015-12-29
Part of proper patient care is discussing risks and benefits of surgery. With that in mind, we'd like to go over the risk of flap complications and what those mean for patients.

Proper Eye Care after LASIK Can Reduce the Risk of Infection

Categories:Lasik, Eye CareAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2015-11-28
For patients looking for safe, effective, and long-term correction of vision impairment, there is no better option than LASIK surgery.

Clear Days Ahead: Treatments for Astigmatism

Categories:Lasik, Dry EyeAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2015-10-29
World-class blade-free LASIK is just one of several treatments for astigmatism available at Maple Eye and Laser Center, our White Plains, NY eye care center.

Restoring Clear Vision for Patients with Farsightedness

At Maple Eye and Laser Center, we offer a range of treatments for farsightedness to our White Plains patients, including LASIK surgery to reshape the cornea and improve the way that light is focused on the retina.

Common Treatments for Nearsightedness (Myopia)

Many people who come to our practice have nearsightedness (myopia), which is a common refractive error that can be treated with relative ease. Let's take a moment to consider how nearsightedness can be treated.

The Risks of LASIK Surgery Should Be Weighed with the Benefits

LASIK is a safe and effective treatment for myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, yet patients should keep in mind that there is a chance of negative side effects and surgical complications.

Reducing Pain after LASIK Surgery

Categories:Eye Care, LasikAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2015-06-30
LASIK will likely result in some side effects for patients, and knowing how to deal with those side effects can make the recovery period more comfortable.

Cataract Awareness Month in June

Categories:Eye Care, Cataract SurgeryAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2015-06-15
June is Cataract Awareness month, and Dr. Howard S. Kornstein of Maple Eye and Laser Center wants to help patients understand how cataracts can be treated and prevented.

Drastically Improve Vision with LASIK Surgery

Categories:Lasik, Eye CareAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2015-05-30
LASIK has become the standard in laser vision care because it is a safe procedure that has been proven to be highly effective. Call 914-948-5157 to schedule an appointment.

Understanding and Minimizing LASIK Side Effects

Categories:Eye Care, LasikAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2015-05-15
While LASIK is highly effective and very safe, it does carry certain risks. Read on to learn more about LASIK side effects and what we do to minimize them at our White Plains ophthalmological practice. 

The Benefits of Premium Intraocular Lenses

Categories:Eye Care, IOLs, Cataract SurgeryAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2015-03-30
If you have been told that you suffer from cataracts and have significant or complex vision problems such as presbyopia or astigmatism, a premium IOL may be able to help you

Pre-operative LASIK Instructions

Categories:Lasik, Eye CareAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2015-03-04
Prior to LASIK, patients will receive a thorough set of pre-operative instructions that will help to ensure the safety and success of treatment.

Dr. Howard Kornstein Announces Eye Care Tips for 2015

Categories:Eye Exams, Eye CareAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2015-02-10
Dr. Howard Kornstein of Maple Eye and Laser Center, is sharing some simple yet effective tips for improving vision and enhancing eye health for 2015.

Are You at Risk for Cataracts?

Categories:Cataract Surgery, Eye CareAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2015-01-29
The primary risk factor for cataracts is age. Once a person hits the age of 60, his or her risk of developing cataracts increases dramatically with each passing year.

Candidates for LASIK: Who Benefits from Undergoing Laser Eye Surgery

The ideal candidates for LASIK are people who have blurry or unclear vision as a result of refractive errors, which mean light is not properly focused as it passes through the eyes.

7 LASIK Recovery Tips: Post-Operative Information

Categories:Lasik, Side EffectsAuthor:mapleeyeandlaserDate:2014-12-03
Side effects after LASIK surgery are a common thing and simply a sign that your body is responding to surgery and properly recovering.

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