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Can Someone with Eye Allergies Undergo LASIK?

At Maple Eye and Laser Center, we take great pride in our record of success and safety in performing LASIK surgery. One of the reasons we are able to maintain such an exceptional track record is that we meticulously screen our patients to ensure their candidacy. Patients who are not good candidates for the procedure are advised to undergo an alternative procedure for which they are good candidates, such as PRK. We always advise patients openly and honestly, putting their health and safety above all else.

Many patients who turn to us for LASIK surgery have eye allergies and are concerned that these allergies might preclude them from being suitable candidates for the procedure. In some extreme cases, we may recommend that patients with eye allergies not undergo LASIK. However, in general, patients with eye allergies are not necessarily precluded from undergoing LASIK. When we discuss LASIK and eye allergies during consultations at our White Plains, NY laser vision correction center, we take the circumstances of each individual patient into consideration. In doing so, we can help to ensure the best possible results, whether we recommend LASIK or an alternative procedure.

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How Eye Allergies Influence LASIK Surgery

One of the most common side effects of LASIK surgery is dry eye, which is usually temporary. Patients who suffer from chronic dry eye due to allergies will be at increased risk of a more severe and permanent form of the condition. Depending on the nature and severity of the allergy, Dr. Kornstein may recommend that patients suffering from allergy-related dry eye not undergo LASIK. However, he makes such determinations strictly on a case-by-case basis.

Most patients with eye allergies, however, are permitted to undergo LASIK as long as they are otherwise good candidates for the procedure. Patients who experience seasonal itching, burning, tearing, and redness may be asked to time their procedures so that their symptoms are not as severe when they undergo surgery. However, these symptoms alone will not necessarily make them unfit to undergo LASIK.

Patients with eye allergies must understand that the success of their procedures will depend largely on their ability to follow Dr. Kornstein’s post-surgical instructions to the letter. This includes not rubbing or scratching their eyes, which may prove difficult for patients with eye allergies. While we can provide patients with protective eyewear that will help to prevent such actions, particularly during sleep, patients must be extremely careful. Rubbing or scratching the eyes can result in the displacement of the flap created in the cornea during LASIK surgery. Complications with the corneal flap are the primary cause of failed LASIK surgery. Therefore, patients who cannot commit to diligently following Dr. Kornstein’s post-surgical instructions should probably not undergo LASIK.

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