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An eye problem can arise, anytime, anywhere. It’s either your eye experiencing irregularities, incurring physical damage, or harboring a foreign body. Pain, swelling, and redness should be enough to motivate you to seek help. But how can you tell if your eye needs prompt medical attention? Let’s discuss the eye problems that tell you when to seek proper and immediate medical help.

Chemical Burns

If you forgot to wear eye protection and harsh chemicals splashed into your eye, you should flush your eye with water for about 15 minutes. Attempt to take out your contact lenses if you’re wearing them. Never attempt to cancel out the corrosive chemical with another chemical. Just flush it, avoid rubbing it, and rush to the nearest eye doctor.

Foreign Body

Never rub your eye if there is an unknown particle that has entered it. Allow your tears to flush it out naturally. You can also use artificial tears or some saline solution to dislodge the particle safely. In case you are unsuccessful in removing the foreign body, keep your eyes closed, wrap your eye lightly, and seek proper medical attention immediately.


Accidents are the usual cause of eye trauma. Serious damage to your eye can result in bleeding, pain, swelling, blurry vision, light sensitivity, and redness. If you don’t get your eye injury treated immediately, it may lead to partial or complete vision loss.

Red Eye

A red eye with some discharge should be seen by an eye doctor right away. Bacterial conjunctivitis is an example of a red eye condition. Your eye doctor will prescribe an antibiotic for you to take immediately. Any viral eye condition is highly contagious and should be treated as soon as possible. An eye specialist should evaluate your red eye and treat it the right way.

Changes in Vision

If you notice a sudden and obvious change in your eyesight, see an eye doctor to address it right away so that treatment can start immediately. Changes in your vision usually hint a corneal or retinal injury that can lead to long-term loss of vision if untreated. Such changes may also indicate nerve damage or stroke.

Bulging Eyes

Also known as exophthalmos or proptosis, bulging eyes may be a manifestation of underlying conditions, abnormal blood vessels, or damage to your eye socket. You should not delay going to your eye doctor. If your local eye clinic not open, you should go to the emergency room. It is also an eye emergency if your eyes bulge because of a bacterial infection. If left untreated, the infection may spread to your brain, which could then lead to vision loss.


These are eye emergencies that need immediate medical attention. If you think your eye problem needs more than artificial tears and rest, we at the Maple Eye and Laser Center will be there for you. Please feel free to visit us at our clinics in White Plains and Manhattan, New York. If you want to set an appointment or inquire about our services, you can reach us at 914-948-5157.