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Peggy Conway shares her experience with Maple Eye and Laser Center with a lens replacement testimonial. She discusses the degeneration of her eyesight that led her to seek treatment. She is very happy with the results of the procedure and has not used glasses since undergoing treatment.
"Dr. Kornstein very professional and friendly. I like the fact that he shows he cares. Highly recommended. "
- Yve P
"Professional and very hassle free. It took almost no waiting time for me before I could see the doctor. Highly recommend."

- Sergey T
"Wonderful. I was seen right away. He had a very assuring bedside manner and made me feel at ease."

- Gerard K.
"I had a great experience with this doctor. Highly recommended. I didn't even know that you can test your eyes in so many ways :) Dr. Kornstein was very nice and made me feel comfortable. He answered all my questions and gave good recommendations. I will definitely come back to see him again.​"

- Anonymous
"I like Doctor Howard. He is very professional. My eye had a little bump on the cornea and he just got rid of it right away, painless. And this is the first time I examined my eye in USA and he was very patient. He answered all of my questions no matter how silly they were. And he gave me a very thorough eye test and including the back of my weaker left eye. I will go to him for all of my eye problems."

- Anan W
"I was very happy with Dr. Kornstein. The wait time was very reasonable (5-10 minutes) and he was very thorough in diagnosing my issues and answering any questions that I had. Will happily go back to him again!"

- Anonymous​
"Excellent doctor, very friendly and forthcoming, appreciated how fast they moved me thru an eye-exam. Would highly recommend."​

- David D.
"Awesome doctor. Super knowledgeable compared to other eye doctors I've been to and extremely thorough....makes sure to answer all your questions! highly recommended!"

- Ayush K.
"Extremely thorough. I also found him to be very confident in his diagnosis which is of particular importance to me - nothing worse than going to a specialist who will not make any conclusions because they are afraid if being sued for malpractice - I have mad many experiences with this. I highly recommend Dr Kornstein!"

- Anonymous
"Great doctor. Very attentive and answered all of my questions as a new patient. Definitely recommend.​"

- Alyssa D.
"Friendly front office staff, nice location, great bedside manner, quick and straight to the point. Excellent."

- Anonymous
"Office staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. Kornstein was patient and thorough and gave me full attention."

- Nick K.
"Absolurely Loved!!!! It's really hard to find an amazing doctor these days. So Glad I found him :)"

- Yurkovetskaya H.
"Dr. Kornstein was very professional and thorough. I did not wait long at all. The office is very clean and inviting."

- Jasmine R.
"Saw me pretty much immediately, was very polite, quick and clear."

- Kenneth L.
"The doctor is punctual, professional, well-informed, and personal. He definitely cares about his patients."

- Monica D.
"Detailed-oriented care and clear explanations and discussion. You understand what you have, how to treat it, and you trust him."

- Emmanuel V.
"He is a wonderful doctor. He is kind and compassionate."

- Jiban P.
"Dr Kornstein was everything one would expect from a professional doctor. Would highly recommend him."

- Hueifa N.

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