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At Maple Eye and Laser Center, we perform a wide variety of services for our patients surrounding their eyes. One of the most commonly used services that we offer is eye exams and contact lens fittings. Although they are popular, many patients are caught off-guard when we ask if they need a contact lens fitting as part of their routine eye exam.

This may have something to do with the frequency and regularity that patients receive these services, but there are some good reasons that we ask. Contact lens fittings require some different tests than a typical eye exam or calculating the prescription of your eyeglasses.

We do not want to perform exams that you simply do not want or need. If you are considering contacts at any time in the next year, it’s a good idea to make sure you include a contact lens fitting at your next appointment.


What to Expect

First, having your contact lens fitting completed by the same practitioner, at the same time, is generally the most cost and time-efficient process to make sure that your eyes stay healthy. Changing practitioners to receive your fitting can entail duplication of some of the tests, and that can also mean additional charges to you.

The traditional eye exam will entail a number of visual acuities and health tests to make sure that your eyes are in good condition and determine the strength of your prescription for eyeglasses. However, in order to identify the best contact lens, there are a series of additional questions that we will want to discuss so that we can ensure that you are given the best lens to meet your needs. There are a variety of different lens types that are currently on the market.

Some of these lenses are marketed at specific eye conditions. Other lenses can be thrown out daily, or worn for days or weeks without having to take them out. Some patients prefer colored contact lenses, and others may be looking for rigid or gas permeable contact lenses. Understanding your needs can help our staff make sure that we get you properly fitted for the contact the is going to fit your lifestyle.

One of the specific tests that are performed during a contact lens fitting uses an instrument called the keratometer. This tool measures the specific angle of the cornea or the front part of your eye. This measurement is critical because it is how the curve of the contact will fit against your eye. A contact that has a curve that is too steep or shallow can drift around on the eye, fall out, or be persistently uncomfortable.

Corneal topography can also be conducted for a more in-depth look at the angles of your eyes. This is often performed when our staff needs to have some more information to prescribe you the appropriate contact. This tool creates a highly detailed “map” of the surface of your eye.

If your eye surface is irregular, then you may need a specific type of contact lens called a “toric lens.” This lens helps to smooth out the distortions in your eye and make sure that you get a clear picture of the world around you.

Our staff may also take pupil measurements to understand what size the contacts need to be, or for colored contacts, to find the best size to make sure that your eyes look natural.


If you are considering contact lenses, contact Maple Eye and Laser Center today to schedule your routine eye exam and contact lens fitting. We use cutting edge information and technology to ensure that your eyes deserve the care you need.

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